Navigating the Hemp Industry 


"There is no good information out there for commercial famers on large-scale hemp production.”

— Nearly every farmer we talk to right now.

Is NOW really the right time to be in Hemp?

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The rapid expansion of this industry is creating enormous misinformation from "experts" without real field-scale hemp farming experience.

Avoid costly mistakes. Follow a trusted farming expert

and let's learn together.

"Finally, it’s good to hear someone who knows something about growing hemp on a commercial scale! The information was extremely practical and well-presented."

—Feedback from a recent training


We're growing together in topics like:

Hemp Fertility Needs

Growing Organic Hemp

Insects & Disease

Fiber & CBD Hemp

Harvesting & Extraction

Drying Hemp

Hemp & Water Quality

CBD, Fiber Hemp & the Pollen Issue

Using Permanent Cover Crops with CBD Hemp

Variability within Varieties

Using Clones


and, of course, much more!

The Future-Proof Farm

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“Our survival on this planet is dependent on the success of our farmers and the health of our soil. Steve’s book is the perfect resource for farmers to get a handle on their changing role. The work he’s doing with hemp, especially his leadership role in the community, is laying the groundwork for the farming of the future. This is an inspiring book!”


Eric Hurlock – Digital Editor, Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast



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The demand for understanding the current hemp industry is an uphill challenge! In fact, getting good, credible information for making profitable decisions and growing it successfully this year is daunting.

With the right training, there is an enormous opportunity for those who are prepared.


Our dynamic on-site Education Center 

is expanding with interactive field training

exclusively focused on successful hemp farming.

In 2019, Steve Groff worked with over 50 farmers in southeastern Pennsylvania, and grew 70 acres of CBD hemp on his own farm, all steeped in careful study, methodology, and analytics.


Steve is a highly successful research-based farmer, trainer & consultant on an independent journey of growing hemp.

Steve shares the lessons learned in real field scale for effective hemp success across the entire agricultural industry.