2020 Winter Meeting
Lessons from 2019. Vision for 2020.

2019 was a whirlwind in the world of hemp in Pennsylvania! From planting, growing, harvesting, processing and more, the growers industry was booming. We saw shifts constantly, daily (sometimes hourly!) as everyone was learning and experiencing the same things from different perspectives. 


Now it's time to take a breath and reflect. 


Let's meet and learn from one another for the betterment of all, and cast a vision for 2020 as we ramp up a new season in this exciting new industry of CBD Hemp!

Tentative Schedule Includes:

7:30  Registration/Coffee/doughnuts

General Session

8:30 Welcome

8:35 What we learned in 2019/Focusing on 2020

9:30 Panel: Fertility 

10:00 Networking Break, Visit exhibitors

10:15 Panel: Harvesting

10:45 Panel: Drying options


Breakouts - Repeated morning and afternoon:

1.    Auto Flower CBD Hemp

2.    For Beginners only - What do I need to know to get started Growing hemp?

3.    Selecting the Right Hemp Genetics for Your Operation/Market

4.    The Art of Cloning

5.    Growing Transplants

6.    Do you know who your extractor is?

7.    Opportunities with Fiber Hemp


Noon- Lunch/visit exhibitors

General Session

1:00  What Do we Need to know for 2020?

1:15  Where is the Hemp Industry Headed in 2020?

(Repeat morning breakouts)

2:15 What questions did not get answered today? 

2:30 Key take-aways from 2019 and What to look for in 2020

3:00 Where Do We Go From Here? - Focusing on 2020

3:30 Adjourn to apply what you learned!