In this dynamic, fast-paced environment, we realize that no one has all the answers but everyone has something to contribute. 

Hemp Innovators is a community and network of farmers and professionals navigating the hemp industry together.

We are unique in our culture of openly sharing information and learning from one another for the benefit of all. We are growing together. 

The learning environments within Hemp Innovators are growing and evolving, too. 

  • Our Education Center blog: Short articles, videos and learning from Steve's observations in the industry, from his connections and from his own farm.

  • Our Hemp Innovators Forum: A growing community of farmers and professionals voicing ideas, questions and information for a rich network of learning online.

  • Events: Monthly On-farm training and large-scale gatherings make an ideal place to deepen your understanding in a tangible way.

We're always looking for ways to serve you better!

Share your ideas with us as we improve and expand our community.